Hello World!

After years, I decided to write blog, publish some of my references and renew my website with some cool features. I built this website from scratch with Eleventy and hosted on Netlify.

Yeah! Eleventy is my current favorite static site generator. I tried to use Hugo but I didn't satisfied with it.

Flashback to First years #

I created my personal website for the first thime beginning of the 2012. I didn't take care of the project first year. After one year published a few blog post in Turkish. But my smart-ass friend deleted database with one click (lol).

Today #

Here I am one more time! <<Hello World!>> to everyone! I'm planning to write about front-end world and travel.

Next Post

Dead Simple Masonry Layout With CSS Grid

When I renew my website I've made a photo grid on the about page. I decided to explain how you can implement the same layout on your project.

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