Body Transformation

My body transformation journey begins here. I'll show with every step in the timeline.

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82.5 KG
Waist: 100 CM

First day of my transformation challenge. Here you can see my worst physique.

Nothing changed but I stopped ordering fast-food.

Trying to stay away from chocolates, waffers, cookies etc... I'm doing well.

I stopped eating unhealthy foods but keep eating big portions.

Everything is same. I'm on a diet and have not started workout yet.

I ate 2 chocolates today because I'm travelling. There is no place to eat healthy foods.

Clean diet. A few km walking. Not great, not terrible.

81.5 KG
Waist: 98 CM

Measure says I'm making progress. From 100cm waist to 98cm. 💪

I don't feel good today. Tired, hungry.

81.1 KG

I started to drink strong filtered coffee daily because tea makes me feel bad. I'm doing great.


First day of the month! Keep going!

I feel bad. I need something sweet.

I have literally zero energy. My mood is down.

80.7 KG
Waist: 98 CM

Doing great today. I'm super okay.

I'm not craving for sweets like before.

79.9 KG
Waist: 97 CM

My weight went down under 80KG for the first time after 2 years.

Better, stronger. Less hungry. Less craving for sweets.

78.2 KG
Waist: 96 CM

I started to see better results. Diet works!

Waist: 95 CM

I'm surprised because my waist won't stop. I keep losing my belly fat. 💪

Today I ate a lot. This picture right after food.

Bad day. Literally zero motivation. Thanks Covid curfew.

Better than yesterday. Nothing special. Keep going

77.9 KG
Waist: 93 CM

I might be a little surprised. I ate lot last weekend but I still keep losing my belly fat.

Nothing special. Keep going. Started to walk more than 5Km every day.

77.2 KG
Waist: 92 CM

New records! I'm losing my belly fat faster than my weight. This is what I want.

I walked around 10KM. Keep going with healthy diet!

76.4 KG
Waist: 93 CM

Today I went to village. No long walk but diet.

I cooked cookies with oatmeal, butter, nuts and raisins. Off day.

10K steps. Not great, not terrible.

75.6 KG
Waist: 93 CM

My waist didn't change almost over 1 week. Things started to be hard.

Eat your food slowly, it takes approximately 4 minutes for the brain to send a signal to the brain that there is food in your stomach.