Sen de Gel

Support for Improvement in Social and Economic Living Association is a non-profit community that works to produce projects to ensure sustainable improvement of quality in social and economic areas nationally and internationally.

Sen de Gel
  • Client Sen de Gel
  • My Role Front-End
  • Sector Non-Profit Community
  • Project Date 2017
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Other Works

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N Kolay Bono
N Kolay Bono

N Kolay Bono is an investment product where you can invest your money at high interest rates throughout the maturity of the bond.


I’ve worked with great brands as a freelancer & agency employee.

  • Akbank
  • Akcelik
  • Denge Bilgisayar
  • eFinans
  • Gedik Yatirim
  • LC Waikiki
  • Makrobet
  • N Kolay
  • Sodexo

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