Hello I’m a front-end developer based
in Istanbul.

I design & develop modern and accessible web interfaces. You can read more about me here, but stick around if you like JavaScript, CSS, learning new things or cycling.

A photo of Yasin with suit and downhill helmet

Resize All Images With Photoshop Actions

Resizing multiple images at once can be boring work. Adobe Photoshop helps us batch resize images.

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Eleventy Powered Free Blog & Portfolio Template

Hey I'm Yasin. I created this awesome blog template with Eleventy. Feel free to use it. No rights reserved.

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How to Display Instagram Posts on Your Website?

We're basically fetching (scraping) data from Instagram and insert it into HTML.

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Why I Use RGB Instead of HEX?

We used HEX colors for years in css, but It's time to replace it with RGB

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Dead Simple Masonry Layout With CSS Grid

When I renew my website I've made a photo grid in about page. I decided to explain how you can implement same layout on your project.

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My Skillset

Here is the keywords that represent me. Yeah! I'm web developer but not a spider.

Semantic Markup

Semantic markup is mandatory for accessible website. So I follow rules meticulously.

Web Accessibility

I have responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to what I create regardless of ability.

Frameworks & Vanilla

I’m ready to use what your project needs. Whatever Vue.Js, Vanilla JS or old school jQuery.

Development Env.

I choose Webpack, Parcel or Gulp to automate project workflow on your dependings.

Custom Properties

CSS evolved in time. It’s not weird anymore. I’m using css custom properties for flexibility.


Plain css isn’t enough if you’re not building an “hello world” page. I’m using SASS and LESS.


If <prefers-reduced-motion> do nothing, else fire sparklers!

Web Pages

Creating websites that are consistently fast has never been easier. Google loves it!

Figma & Photoshop

I’m not a full-time UI designer but I have ability and experience in design.

Featured Works

It’s time to see some work. Here are a few projects I’ve done for clients.




Explore 'most things' in your neighborhood and around the world with this definitive guide!




Turkey's Largest Special Steel Supply Network


I’ve worked with great brands as a freelancer & agency employee.

  • Akbank
  • Akcelik
  • Denge Bilgisayar
  • eFinans
  • Gedik Yatirim
  • LC Waikiki
  • Makrobet
  • N Kolay
  • Sodexo