I’m Yasin.
Creating Web Apps.

I'm developing accessible web interfaces with a strong focus on performance and new frontend techniques. You can read more about me here, but stick around if you like JavaScript, CSS, learning new things, or traveling.

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My Skillset

Here are the keywords that represent me. Yeah! I'm a web developer but not a spider.

Semantic Markup

Semantic markup is mandatory for an accessible website. So I follow rules meticulously.

Web Accessibility

I have a responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to what I create regardless of ability.

Frameworks & Vanilla

I’m ready to use what your project needs. Whatever React, Vanilla JS, or old-school jQuery.

Development Env.

I choose Webpack, Parcel, or Gulp to automate project workflow on your dependents.

Custom Properties

CSS evolved. It’s not weird anymore. I’m using CSS custom properties for flexibility.


Plain CSS isn’t enough if you’re not building a “hello world” page. I’m using SASS and LESS.


If <prefers-reduced-motion> do nothing, else fire sparklers!

Figma & Photoshop

I’m not a full-time UI designer but I have the ability and experience in design.

Static Site Generators

The modern way to build websites and apps that delivers better performance

Regular Expressions

Nightmare of developers but not mine. I understand and can write these patterns.


I can work comfortably with Bootstrap, Tailwind, and Materialize.


I’ve worked with great brands as a freelancer & agency employee.

  • Akbank
  • Akcelik
  • Denge Bilgisayar
  • eFinans
  • Gedik Yatirim
  • LC Waikiki
  • Makrobet
  • N Kolay
  • Sodexo

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